The story takes place in the very distant future, when humanity is just recovering from decades of war between Earth and the terraformed Moon. The war was so devastating that it set back technological progress by decades, if not centuries, so the setting doesn't feel futuristic. Although the world is at peace now, there is still mistrust between the Sphere Kingdom (Moon) and the Earth Federation. Travel between them is restricted for diplomatic purposes and is limited to one spaceport on Earth. One way or another, one day, the lunar princess Fina Fam Airlight comes to the main character's house to visit ...

Game Information

Developer: August - Vndb
Language: English
Genres: Visual Novel, 2DCG, Romance, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Incest (Cousins), Multiple Endings, No Sexual Content
OS: Windows

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Game Installation

!!! I forgot to delete the unlocked CG file after I tested the game and people started complaining, so here's... a clean version without unlocking.

1. No need to install

2. You need to change the language to Japanese. Switching to Japanese in Windows 7 - Eroge Download

3. Note. This version does not have H-scenes, but includes two additional routes (Midori and Estelle) and is a port of the PS2 version for PC.

Game Images