What is NEKOPARA? Yes, it's a cat paradise! Minazuki Kasho, the son of a long family of Japanese confectionery manufacturers, moved to open his own store, La Soleil, as a pastry shop. But when he left, hidden among his belongings were two cat girls ("neko"), Chocola and Vanilla, who were raised by the family. When he tried to send them back, they begged and begged until he gave in, and now they've opened La Soleil together. With two neko who really, VERY love their owner, try their best and sometimes fail, the heart-warming comedy begins! See Sayori NEKO WORKs mascots Chocola and Vanilla like never before, moving and in full voice on screen. And now, thanks to the E-mote system, the characters move smoothly across the screen, changing expressions and poses in countless ways.

Game Information

Developer: Neko Works
Language: English
Genres: Group Sex of One Male and Several Females, Blowjob, Sexual Content, Twin Blowjob, Sounds of Copulation, Group Sex, Low Sexual Content, Shimaidon with Twins, Catgirl Heroine, Baker Protagonist, Same Roof, Male Protagonist, Slice of Life, Cafe, Only Virgin Heroines, Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character, Protagonist as the Only Male, Interracial Romance, Maid Heroine, Polyamory, White Haired Heroine, Romance, Kemonomimi Support Character, Kemonomimi Heroine, Comedy, Kemonomimi, Coodere Heroine, Heroine in Heat, Waitress Heroine, Twin Tail Heroine, Emotionless Heroine
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1

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Game Installation

  1. ! No need to install version.
  2. It's the same game as the other two torrents, only unpacked.

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