Biko 3 is a 3D stalking and sex simulation video game released only in Japan on January 30, 2004. The game uses an improved engine where character textures are modeled to be realistic. At the center of the game is a male character who is chasing five different women. Although it contains inappropriate content, this game has received only minor controversy compared to Illusion Soft's Rapelay.

Game Information

Developer: Illusion
Language: English / Japanese
Genres: Stalker, Simulation, Sim, 3D, Rape
OS: PC / Windows

Download Link


Game Installation

1- Extract to the right place.

2- Mount Biko.

3.CD1 with your favorite program.  [For example.PowerISO] 3- Unmount Biko when prompted. 3.CD1, then Mount Biko.3.CD2 back to screen press OK

4- Extract to the right place English and Nude Patch

5- Copy Biko 3 - English Patch to installed directory and RUN it.

6- Copy Biko 3.EXE to the installed directory and overwrite.

7- Enjoy

8- Save game: move bk3_18. pp to Biko 3 data folder and overwrite the old one

Game Images