You are Minoru Sasazuka, 19, a bit of a dreamer with a complex tendency to be unable to make decisions when your heart is involved. An ordinary Japanese boy trying to get into college, you have a handsome physique that should make you popular with the girls, but your casual penchant for romanticism puts them off. Invited for a dream winter ski trip with a group of friends, you head to the ski lodge for some winter skiing and fun. This is a journey home for you, as you have frequented this lodge since you were young. With you is Kyoka, your special childhood friend, her stylish sister Keika and your sister Honami.At the lodge, you enjoy the hospitality of the host, Kasumi, a competent woman with a touch of sadness in her eyes. Also living in the house is the beautiful Shizuka, a mysterious assistant who has many secrets. As the story progresses, you are confronted with the reality that Kyoka, your childhood friend, loves you.  You suspected it, but never experienced it before when you are surrounded by magical and romantic winter snow. At the same time, you are strangely attracted to the quiet and romantic Shizuka-chan - who will you choose? While there are many erotic temptations and many paths you can choose from in the quiet mountain retreat, you must be true to your heart.

Game Information

Developer: Sweet Basil
Language: English
Genres: Winter - Yuki-onna Heroine - Sister Support Character - Osananajimi Heroine - Heroine with Superpowered Side - Yuri - Maid Heroine - Early Sexual Content - Possession - Reincarnation - Protagonist with Sexual Experience - Amnesia - Masturbation - Adult Heroine - Urination Fetish - Onsen - Wake-up Sex - Spontaneous Sex Scenes - Heroine with Sexual Experience
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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Game Installation

1. Mount .iso file with Daemon Tools.

2. Install the game.

3. Tested and working in Windows 7. !!! When playing the game in Windows XP or higher, the text will be spaced strangely, making the text hard to read. Fix the problem by changing the in-game text display speed. Go to the Settings menu and change the Message Display Speed to 'Fastest.

Game Images