You play the role of a failed businessman whose fortunes change dramatically when he stumbles upon a technology that turns ordinary women into whores. Right now, the only main theme is the bimbification of women only, with implied mind control everywhere. M2F content is not and is not planned, but I do not rule it out completely.

Game Information

Developer: pCaine
Language: English
Genres: Mind Control, Corruption, All sex, Bimbo, HTML, RL Images.
OS: PC / Windows

Download Link

Full Game (0.6):

Update Only (0.6):

Game Installation

I've committed an amount of time to Inner Bimbo that I'd rather not calculate. Inner Bimbo is free, and will always be free, but for those of you who would like to contribute to my game making I have set up a Ko-Fi account Buy Me a Coffee Anything you sent me would be greatly appreciated and may help me to free up more time to commit to my game making.

Game Images