Sunrider Liberation Day is a turn-based tactics game where you, as Captain Kaito Shields of the Sunrider starship, must lead your squad of mech pilots to victory. Command the prototype Sunrider and its squadron of 'Mechs in brutal battles for survival.

Game Information

Developer: Love in Space
Language: English
Genres: Space - Spaceship - War - Captain Protagonist - Combat Capable Friends - Science Fiction - Adult Protagonist - Proactive Protagonist - Osananajimi Heroine - Mecha Pilot Heroine - Dojikko Heroine - Tsundere Heroine - White Haired Protagonist - Medical Doctor Heroine - Breaking the Fourth Wall - Energetic Heroine - Starship Combat - Revenge - Adult Heroine - Fighting Princess Heroine - Bokukko Heroine - White Haired Heroine - Soldier Protagonist - Yandere Heroine - Protagonist with Sexual Experience - Soldier Heroine - Genius Heroine - Mecha Combat - More Than Seven Heroines - Fighting Protagonist - Scientist Heroine - Military - Orphan Heroine - Fighting Heroine - Male Protagonist - Shy Heroine - Coodere Heroine - Heroine with Sexual Experience - Assassin Heroine - Mercenary Heroine - Mecha - Time Travel - Doggy Style - Virgin Sex
OS: Win XP+

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Game Installation

1. No need to install version.

2. Note: It is highly recommended that you play Sunrider Mask of Arcadius(freeware) before playing Sunrider Liberation Day.

3. New content: -Adds the [RE]turn afterstory arc after you have completed the main story of Liberation Day.