"My God, now I turn to this, the only request of my life..." "Near future, Nagasaki."

In this city with its long and colorful past, a rarity was born: a child with wings.

I don't know when it started, but the school overlooking the city became known as holy ground - and that's where we met.

Although summer is coming, there is nothing new and the boring day just goes on.

But his boring life ends abruptly.He is forced to look for the key to the observatory. He reluctantly accepts this, but becomes a little flustered. Exciting feeling. A premonition of something to happen.Shortly before summer vacation, he meets her.

Game Information

Developer: Littlewitch VNDB
Language: English
Genres: Romance - Slice of Life - Late Sexual Content - Pettanko Heroine - Student Heroine - Drama - Skinny Heroine - Defloration - Loli Heroine - Student Protagonist - Student Council - Foolish Friend - Only Virgin Heroines - Summer - Male Protagonist - Senpai Heroine - Heroine with Wings - Osananajimi Heroine - Transfer Student Heroine - Long Sexual Scenes - No Common Sense Heroine - Bookworm Heroine - Kouhai Heroine - Modern Day Japan - Twin Tail Heroine - Tomboy Heroine - Tsundere Heroine - Writer Heroine - Low Sexual Content - Proactive Protagonist - More Than Seven Heroines - Alien Heroine - Teasing - Cafe - Dying Heroine - School - Sixty-nine - Flashback - Perverted Friend - Class President Heroine - School Nurse Heroine - Deredere Heroine - Doggy - School Nurse Support Character - Modern Day - Stalking - Missionary Position - Teacher Heroine - Student Council President Heroine - Nurse Heroine - Sexual Content - Food Discussions - Blowjob - Lolicon - Mother Support Character - Christian Church
OS: Windows

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Game Installation

1. You need to change locale to Japanese. 

2. No need to install.

3. Period - Mini Story Disc is included. You can play it from the extra option in the main menu. !!! If you have an error message when loading the game, just press yes and continue or do not load the game from the main menu, but instead click game start - right mouse button - load.

Game Images