One's story revolves around Kouhei Orihara, the main protagonist, who suspects that at some point his current life will change while living a peaceful daily routine. Due to this, he begins to seclude himself in the Eternal World, a world within his mind. The game's main recurring motif is a focus on the Eternal World, a mystical alternate space which is never clearly explained, and the details of which are unknown.​

Game Information

Developer: Tactics
Language: English
Genres: Slice of Life - Emotionless Heroine - High School - Drama - Student Heroine - High School Student Protagonist - Coodere Heroine - Male Protagonist - Late Sexual Content - Only Virgin Heroines - Blind Heroine - School Life Comedy - Loli Heroine - Mute Heroine - Classic Tsundere Heroine - Kouhai Heroine - Transfer Student Heroine - Missionary Position - Senpai Heroine - Osananajimi Heroine - Existential Crisis - Ponytail Heroine - Modern Day Japan - Short Sexual Scenes - Teasing - Disabled Heroine - Twin Tail Heroine - Low Sexual Content - Reunion - Pretending Heroine - Blowjob - Bullying - The Holiday Season - Only Avoidable Rape Scenes - Drama Club - Childhood Promise - Donkan Protagonist - Mystery - Attempted Rape - Sexual Content - Foolish Friend
OS: windwos

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Game Installation

1. You need to change locale to Japanese. http://erogedownload.com/faq/changing-to-japanese-locale-on-windows-7/

2. No need to install. You also need to stop the task in your torrent program before starting the game or move the game folder to another location.

3. Known issues: - Not an issue per se, but please note that save files are not interchangeable between versions of the game. You will get a nasty error box in Japanese if you try to do this. - The game occasionally gives a 'failed to load image' error. As far as we can tell, this isn't fatal, and it doesn't occur very often. - In the full voice version, closing the game window using the cross icon gives a Japanese quit message. We couldn't replace this without hacking the copy protection in the exe, which we didn't want to do.

Game Images