The hunter academy was created to train monster hunters. Cliff came to the academy to become a Hunter, but the place turned out to be an old building, contrary to its name, and the great couple of Hunters who were supposed to train him leave the Academy to go investigate an incident in another city. Hunter candidates are all girls except for Cliff. And after many turns of events, Cliff becomes in charge of the Academy and stays with all the girls.

Game Information

Developer: Studio e.go!
Language: English
Genres: RPG, Visual Novel, Fighting Heroine, Fictional Beings, Male Protagonist, New Game Plus, Low Sexual Content, Late Sexual Content, Past Setting in a Fictional World, Naked Sprites, ADV, Branching Plot, Non-blood-related Brother/Sister Incest, Fantasy, Sexual Content, Lolicon
OS: Windows

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Game Installation

1- Extract to the right place.

2- No need to install

3- Right click maw2-english.exe, go to Properties, change Compatibility to

4 GAME INFO: My game crashed!!! When trying to run in full screen mode. I had to run in windowed mode. [Optional] I played on WIN 10 fine, but if you have problems. Download the right program depending on your WINDOWS and INSTALL. Follow this link BELOW Run Japanese games on Windows Run Japanese games on Windows

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