"Could you show me your masturbation?"

A mysterious pretty girl introduces herself to a porn film director (the lead character).

Her name is Yukari, and she says she is a specter and has been feeding herself with human body, but she intends to eat sperm instead as a main meal in the future. And for that, she looks for a man who has a good c*ck fo


Game Information

Developer: Circle Eden - Vndb
Language: English
Genres: Male Protagonist - Youkai - Touhou - Handjob - Nukige - Loli Heroine - Blowjob - Doggy - Intercrural Sex - Missionary Position - Sixty-nine
OS: Windows

Download Link

Part 2Win

Part 3Win

Game Installation

1. You need to change locale to Japanese.

2. No need to install pre-patched version.

3. Known issues: Wordwrapping does not always work in the message history. Save titles may extend outside of the text area. Some buttons when entering text input are still in Japanese. These are part of Windows and cannot be changed.

Game Images