“Our hero is the younger brother in his late teens who loves books. When we enter the story, our hero is preparing for a new job by moving in with his sister Julia, since her house is much closer to the bookstore where he currently works. Julia is a twenty-something banker who was once close to our hero but grew distant when she went to college. She is a smart skeptic with a good sense of humor and a soft spot for her little brother. She lives with her roommate Eva, who we discover won't be home for a few days (not in the demo). It seems that Eva's first meeting with our hero went rather poorly, but he strives to restore their friendship. At the moment, our hero's main concern is a man named David, with whom Julia works. He must force David to leave Julia alone at any cost."

Game Information

Developer: Noir Desir Patreon
Language: English
Genres: Visual Novel, 3DCG, Incest, Voyeur, Feet
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

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Game Installation

If you download the full game, just extract and run, otherwise just download the update and copy paste into your game directory.