You are Kaito Shields, an ordinary person on an extraordinary adventure. It was only his first day as student council vice president of Sunrider Academy when the unreasonable class president appointed him as the manager of the school club. “These clubs bring nothing but trouble,” she said.= “I appoint you to take charge and get them in order by the end of the year! Add to this another completely unfounded bet with his little sister that he will have a girlfriend by the end of the year, and Kaito's school life already seems hectic! But that's not the worst! Soon, Kaito learns that the captains of each of the clubs he is supposed to manage have their own serious problems. Surrounded by girls lacking common sense, his crazy days at Sunrider Academy begin! You will take control of Kaito as he carefully manages both his student life and his duties as a club manager. Study hard, bring glory to Sunrider Academy and find a girl! Piece of the pie, right?

Game Information

Developer: Love in Space
Language: English
Genres: Visual Novel, Anime, Hentai, Dating Sim, Management Sim, Male Protagonist, Blowjob, Sex, Creampie, Groping, Humor, Oral sex, Masturbation, Teasing, Titfuck, Virgin, Loli
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux

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Game Installation

1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on "SunriderAcademy.exe" to start playing.

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