You are an aspiring singer ready to do whatever it takes to become great. You can create your own group or corrupt a school full of students and teachers. The choice is yours.

Game Information

Developer: Kosmos Games
Language: English
Genres: Real Porn, Female Protagonist, Corruption, School Setting, Simulator
OS: PC / Windows

Download Link


Updated to v0.5.2.0:

Game Installation

  1. [*]Download full game (first link)
  2. [*]Download and merge update with the full game (second link)
  3. [*]Do not use translated qsp file in the update folder. Use the one that's attached to the post [*]For the Russian version, click on Bright Future.qsp
  4. [*]For the English version, click on Brightfuture_0.5.2.0_EN

Game Images