A shinobi cursed by the "path of lust" witnessed the murder of his own father.

Game Information

Developer: T-ENTA-P
Language: Japanese / English
Genres: Kimono/Japanese Clothes Violation, Outdoor Exposure, Rape, Insult, Masturbation, Blowjobs
OS: Windows

Download Link


Game Installation

1- Extract to desired location.

2- (optional) If you don't have Apploc installed. Download and install

3- Right Click on "Game.exe" and Run with Japanese Locale as Admin to start playing. INSTRUCTIONS WINDOWS 10 - Those of you having problems. Thanks @Arkan for the solution. He got it to work with Windows 10 using NTLEAS NTLEA - NT Locale Emulator Advance - Home You just extract the files from that archive into the game's folder and drag the Game.exe onto the ntleasWin.exe and click "Save & Run"

Game Images