The Princess Waltz is a dance of whirling blades to find a princess worthy of becoming Queen of the Seven Centrals in the fantasy world of Eldelant. Promising candidates come from all over the kingdoms of Eldelant to take part in the waltz, but only one princess will rule. You are Fukamori Arata and you don't know anything about princesses and waltzes. In fact, your daily life in modern Japan couldn't be more ordinary - you live with your mother and sister, you're woken up by a childhood friend every day to go to school, and you live a generally full but normal life surrounded by a gang of rowdy classmates. When rumors begin to circulate about a student being transferred to your class, you don't pay much attention - there aren't princes from foreign lands studying here these days, are they? When Chris Northfield arrives, it looks like the rumors might be true. What is an incredibly refined, polite and experienced young man like him doing at your school? Your curiosity gets the better of you, but as you explore, you begin to realize that you are getting into something deeper than you could imagine.

Game Information

Developer: Pulltop
Language: English
Genres: Visual Novel, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Card Game, Virgin, Incest, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Loli
OS: Linux

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Game Installation

1. Mount the .iso file with Daemon Tools.

2. Install the game.

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