It's a snowy Christmas Eve... Everything seems so peaceful when there's a big earthquake. An earthquake turns the city into ruins, and the survivors must find ways to stay alive. Some go crazy and rob others, some cling to God, some get together to live together. The 6 main characters meet in a church while trying to get out of the snow. What will they see and experience in this extreme situation…?

Game Information

Developer: FlyingShine VDNB
Language: English
Genres: Unavoidable Rape - Unbeknown Incest - Unavoidable Heroine Rape - Blood-related Brother/Sister Incest - Short Sexual Scenes - Sexual Content - Brother/Sister Incest - Doggy - Cunnilingus - Blood-related Incest - Blowjob - Avoidable Rape - Missionary Position - Reverse NTR - Gang Rape - Handjob - Multiple Penetration - Spontaneous Sex Scenes - Rapist Protagonist - Necrophilia - Early Sexual Content
OS: Windows

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Game Installation

1. Extract and run.

Game Images