The world's first real-time H 3D ARPG is released. Featuring high-tech weaponry, realistic flying clothes, battles and sex scenes all in one.

* Full 3D open world and free movement Enjoy the tremendous freedom afforded by third-person view, spontaneous lighting and movement that bring combat to life that simply can't be experienced in 2D.

* 20 punch combinations. Level up faster by chaining your attacks: Sakura can deal up to 20 hits at a time. Battle in style!

* Ragdoll Physics Have shameless fun killing monsters that flop and fly in an entertaining way.

* Real-time Hair and Clothing Modeling Sex scenes take on extra realism with real-time world detail and reactive physics.

* Many outfits Change the look of Sakura anytime, anywhere. Each outfit can be obtained by defeating monsters. Build her wardrobe and cosplay for even better sex.

* Monster sex galore More than 40 types and more than 90 sex scenes. Do it everywhere!

* Created with UNITY 3D. For best results, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.Please start a trial version to ensure compatibility. As for the CG gallery mode, we are afraid that we will not be able to implement a static CG gallery like in other games like RM. This is a very complex 3D game and all content is launched in real time and dynamically. CG combinations are unlimited, so it is not possible to show all erotic CGs among all monsters, player positions, and scene backgrounds. To solve this case, we designed the summon mode instead. The summon mode means that you can summon any monster anywhere and anytime to interact with the player during the game. Just type R+(monster serial number)+Enter, i.e.G., R+1+Enter to summon the desired monster, then press H if you want to watch erotic computer movies. In the challenge mode, we can provide our players with not only erotic movies, but also fights, weapons and costumes. You can think of it as a dynamic gallery of computer graphics. We believe Call Mode is a much more flexible solution than the traditional static CG gallery in 3D games.

Game Information

Developer: DLSite
Language: Japanese
Genres: Chirarism (Peeping) Short Skirt Fantasy Internal Cumshot Blowjob Rape
OS: PC / Windows / Mac / Linux

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Game Installation

  1. Extract and Run

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