Play as a guy who recently lost his job. One month since you became unemployed. Finding a decent job was very difficult. The first two weeks were New Year's holidays, and in the last two weeks I've had almost two dozen job interviews. From those interviews, any of the job offers I got came with a terrible salary. I rent a pretty decent three-room apartment not far from the sleeping area of ​​the city. I share an apartment with a girl named Stacey. Stacy is not my girlfriend and we have a very strained relationship. We usually split the rent for the apartment, although this month she had to pay the full amount. I can't continue like this. Although yesterday I really blew it. I spent the last of my money on booze and totally screwed up. It's 7 am now. The alarm goes off, my head hurts, and I can't even remember my name.So help me remember my name.



Game Information

Developer: mrrhyde
Language: Russian, German, English
Genres: Straight, Lesbian, Forced Sex, BDSM, Anal, Oral
OS: PC / Windows

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Game Installation

1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on "Office-14.Career" to start playing

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