Paradox is quite similar to its predecessor, as Luka is the main character, there will be Monsterpedia, several monsters and characters from the original trilogy will return, and there will be rape-on-loss.

Notable differences include an RPG-style game made with RPG Maker rather than a visual novel made with Nscripter; the player will be able to directly navigate and interact with things, and not scroll through long lines of text; other characters can join Luka on his journey (for example, Ilias); and many of Luka's decisions have a strong influence on the later parts of the game.

Game Information

Developer: ToroToro Resistance
Language: Japanese
Genres: 2D Game, RPG, Blowjob, Boobjob , Sex, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Female Domination, Odyssey, Sexual Content, Cowgirl, Reverse Rape, Harem, Monster Girl, Vore
OS: Windows

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Game Installation

This may be needed to do for the game from DLsite

1- Extract to desired location.

2-Run in Japanese locale as Admin using this link for running japanese games on windows depending on your Windows.

3- Start playing.

Game Images