A game about sea voyages, trade, piracy and other joys of life as a ship captain in a fantasy world. There are a lot of lords on it, and looting of villages, and your own pirate island that you can develop, and much more, but this is of course a matter for the distant future of the game Anime is customarily chosen for graphic design. The game is naturally erotic, so the sex and all that is there, and in a sense, even in the face of the corner manager.

Game Information

Developer: Ps1x & Samanta - Alternate Link
Language: Russian / English
Genres: Drawn Art, Futanari, All Sex, Demons, Elves, Monsters, Bondage, Cannibalism
OS: PC / Windows

Download Link


Game Installation

Extract to desired location.

2- Click on "pir.qsp" to start playing Russian/Partial English version.

3- Download the English qsp (ballads fix en.qsp). Put it into the game folder where pir.qsp is. Then click on "ballads fix en.qsp" to start playing the English version. Choose the russian flag and it plays the English translation.

Game Images