About the game: 17 years have passed since the events of the game "K-9 Nursery" and the beginning of the demonic invasion of Earth. What the survivors called Armageddon lasted about five years, humanity destroyed about half. Almost all cities turned into burning ruins. The only thing that saved people from the complete annihilation was that the invasion suddenly began and ended abruptly. The world as a result of this has changed beyond recognition. Although scientific knowledge was not lost, the industry was almost completely destroyed, which forced the abandonment of most high-tech things. You have to play as the daughter of the witch Marfusha and the succubus Jeanne. You live with her parents and brother in a mansion near the city, more precisely from what happened to the city, since most of it lies in ruins. You attend a closed women's gymnasium and, like most of your peers, you try not to be different from others.

Game Information

Developer: Pacifist03
Language: English Machine Translated
Genres: 3dcg, training, domination, submission, lesbianism, female protagonist, pet play, bestiality, guro(one bad end), robots, amputee, mind control, pregnancy, forniphilia, torture, necrophilia, incest
OS: Windows

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Game Installation

1. Extract and run.

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