This is a fan story turned interactive story/game where you play as the main character of the original The Lilith Device RAGS game, Sasha.

With the super-powerful Lilith Device under your control, you have turned the residents of a female campus into your mindless slaves.

All is going well until a mysterious mind controller calls you, claiming that she has her own brainwashing device under her control, known as the Empusa Device.

Will you put this new Mistress in her place and forever cement her power in the City of Guidance, or will you find yourself becoming her obedient toy as she takes the city for herself?

In this game you will fight old enemies from the original TLD, as well as some new ones with supernatural powers.

These abilities open up many possibilities for transformation and mind control after defeat/victory!

(See the topics for hints) There will be a lot of bad endings and sex.

The strongest theme here is dominance and submission, ultimately leading to mind control.

It is to enslave or to be enslaved; Only the strong will remain in Lilith's Device: Combat Tendency!

It is highly recommended to complete Captain Skel's Lilith's Device to get the most out of this game.

Game Information

Developer: Alastor7 Pixiv
Language: English
Genres: FF, F-Self, Sub, Dom, BE, Invol, Slow MC, Bimbo
OS: Windows/PC

Download Link


Game Installation

1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on "The Lilith Device- Battle Tendency.Html" to start playing.

Game Images