This is a collection that I have collected over the years. I thought I'd share this since there are so many good old games from AIF and TADS being uploaded. Why not help this site get a virtual library? Hey if you want to add something tell me and I will add your link to this list with my tha

Game Information

Developer: F95Zone
Language: English. A few are translated from French, German, and/or Spanish.
Genres: Mostly vanilla sex, striptease, and mind control
OS: PC / Windows

Download Link

Download Links:

Game Installation

1- Make sure you have a RAGS game player installed like 2.4.16 from here

2- Extract to desired location - Preferably in a folder containing the ragsdebug.bat file. That way you can drag the game and drop onto ragsdebug.bat and cheat! 3- Start through the RAGS player or click on the game to start playing.

Game Images