You are (Nanasu) Prince Mamatoto. You go out and conquer other nations to conquer the world. There is stability/stalemate so no nation can actually take over the world because if they go to war with another country the third one might have the advantage. Mamatoto is different in that he has nothing to worry about. The problem is that there is also a small population. So you don't really have an army, so for years Mamatoto, a moving fortress, has been hiding in the monster lands. You, Nanasu, who studied magic very diligently, recently invented magic to create those magical soldiers. These soldiers are created using cards that you can get in battles. So the more battles you have, the more cards you will collect and the more troops you will have in reserve. So, now Mamatoto, the fastest moving fortress in the world, has started its movement to conquer the world. Mamatoto's goal is not to seize territory, but to destroy governments.

Game Information

Developer: AliceSoft - Translator: Arunaru
Language: English
Genres: SRPG, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, ADV, Sexual Content, Sex Slavery, Rape, War, Castle, Summoning, Magic/ESP Combat, Combat Capable Friends, Protagonist with a Face
OS: Pc/Windows

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Game Installation

1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on System39.exe to start playi.

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