"Wings of the Defiler". This is a dragon simulator. You will raise a bloodline of dragons under the command of a powerful demonic overlord, shape-shifting - the mother of dragons. To succeed, you will need to rob the common people, raise villages, storm castles, rob caravans, etc. T. c But first of all, of course, you will kidnap and rape many, many virgins (including princesses, elves, mermaids and giants! ).

Game Information

Developer: The Old Huntsman
Language: English
Genres: 2DCG, Multiple Protagonist, Combat, Graphic Violence, Simulator, Rape, Vore, Fantasy, Strategy, RPG, Bestiality, Monster
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Download Link

Win/Linux/Mac 1.4.1:

Win/Linux/Mac (v1.0.1):

Android (v1.0.1):

Game Installation

1- Unzip the files

2- Start the DefilerWings.exe

3- Unzip the Mod into the "Game" folder for the v1.0.1 (don't use it for 1.4.1 not compatible)

Game Images