Marina and Kojiro are back! Script Kojiro. A woman posing as the president's secretary showed up at Kojiro's office as a client. The woman's request was for Kojiro to be the bodyguard of her boss, whose life is in danger. Kojiro took his suitcase and went to meet President Ando... And his daughters Mika and Mika. Kojiro asks Ando why his life is in danger, but Ando refuses to answer... Kojiro is dragged into the problem without knowing the reason. Marina's script. Marina, who was reinstated in the Cabinet of Investigations, took over the investigation of serial murders in Japan at the request of Chief Kono. In the course of the investigation, Marina finds the only survivor, the daughter of one of the victims, and goes to her. Her name is Yuka. Throughout Marina's investigations, the time will come to decide whether to help Yuka or not... All the while serving to protect Yuka...​

Game Information

Developer: C’s Ware
Language: English
Genres: Virtual Novel, Male Hero, Female Heroine, Twins, Murder Mystery
OS: PC / Windows

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Game Installation

1- Open ISO with Daemontools or MagicIso and install the game.

2- Follow the instructions on the ISO to start playing.

Game Images